German and English police cooperating for ‘safe and inconvenience free Euro 2024’ in the midst of hooliganism fears

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English police say they are working with their German partners. It is to guarantee a “safe and inconvenience free” Euro 2024. European soccer’s global competition which runs from June 14 to July 14. For Britain fans in the midst of fears that Serbian evildoers are focusing on the nations’ initial Gathering C match on Sunday.슬롯머신

It is first revealed in the Watchman on Tuesday. The head of police in Gelsenkirchen, the city where Britain plays Serbia, said they are expecting up to 500 convicts to attempt to cause savagery.온라인슬롯

“We are proceeding to work intimately with German police to help a safe and inconvenience free Euro 2024 competition for voyaging Britain fans.”

Up 40,000 Britain fans and 8,000 Serbia fans are supposed to head out to Gelsenkirchen for a game UEFA. European football’s overseeing body, and German police have assigned as “high-risk.”슬롯사이트

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