Blackouts left her on the ‘edge of craziness.’ Presently, this Olympic grappler is back and has titles in her sights

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Three years in the wake of turning into the principal American lady to win an Olympic gold in wrestling, Helen Maroulis was informed she was going to be owned up to a mental ward with self-destructive considerations. 메이저사이트

“I simply recall nothing after that,” Maroulis enlightens CNN Game concerning her confirmation, adding that she was delivered a couple of days after the fact. 메이저놀이터

“I was totally typical, and out of nowhere they put me in this psych ward.” 바카라

Maroulis’ excursion both on and off the mat – and her battle to return to her dearest sport subsequent to conquering crippling blackouts – has been a motivation to many, not least Hollywood star Chris Pratt, who has as of late created a component film outlining the ups and downs of the 31-year-old’s improved vocation.

Her initial introduction to the game matured seven showed up nearly unintentionally, subbing in as an accomplice for her more youthful sibling since there weren’t an adequate number of children in his group.

“My mother would have rather not caused him to stop for that season, so she just advised me to take my shoes off and hop in there. Be a faker,” Maroulis says.

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