BTS’ Jimin and Jungkook ‘fight’ for the title of top understudy during flying yoga meeting – WATCH

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It’s Tuesday, which means it’s Run BTS day! Back with yet another episode, ARMY’s beloved web show has once again left them in stitches. Released at the perfect time, Run BTS has definitely become a comfort show for fans. 슬롯머신

Releasing the second part of the group’s flying yoga saga, we continue to see the boys struggle and laugh at their hilarious shenanigans. From trying to keep a smile for pictures to hanging upside down, the latest episode is as chaotic as the last one, if not more! 슬롯 하는법

While everything that BTS did left ARMY in stitches, one moment that definitely stood out the most was Jungkook and Jimin’s ‘class topper’ behaviour. While all the other members were exhausted and sat down as soon as they were given a break, the maknae duo had other plans.

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As if flying yoga was not already hard enough, the duo engaged in even more intense exercise. Jungkook worked on his abs mid air, while Jimin demonstrated some advanced flying yoga skills. The duo looked like they were trying to earn some extra credit and were battling it out to get the top position in class. 룰렛

However, a little later, Jimin and Jungkook started fooling around together with the silk hammocks. Take a look at their shenanigans:

In the end, both Jimin and Jungkook earned the title of ace after pulling off the perfect flying yoga stunt together. Check it out right here:

We can definitely include this moment in Jimin and Jungkook’s already long list of hilarious antics during Run BTS. With this episode finally over, we can’t wait to see what BTS has in store for us next!

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