Cha Eunwoo Offers Which Island Surprisingly realistic Scene Was Vital To Him

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Island’s Cha Eun-charm has uncovered two of his most critical scenes shooting the dream K-Show.

As tweeted by @/KimNamGilStory and interpreted by @/christyroha from a SList Korea article, Cha noted two scenes he recorded that stood apart the most for him. The first was in Episode 4 when his personality Johan, known as Minister John, initially met and battled with Kim Nam Gil’s personality Van. The other scene from Island Section 1 was in the last episode, where Johan killed his sibling. 슬롯머신

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In Episode 4, Johan and Van meet interestingly after the last option saves Mi Ho from Benjulle. The two later face one another, where Johan and Van battle, which Johan calls a security really look at test. After a thrilling activity arrangement, Johan figures out how to acquire the advantage and endeavors to get Van to uncover his desire evil spirit side. As Van uncovers his evil side, Mi Ho observes Van choking Johan with one hand.

In Episode 6, Johan reunites with his sibling Chan-hee, and the two attempt to bond regardless of the abnormal pressure that normally shows up following 10 years of detachment. In any case, Chan-hee isn’t the very individual that Johan knows: A desire evil spirit has Chan-hee and is on a mission to get Won Mi Ho. In the wake of understanding that Chan-hee is the one liable for the series of murders, he realizes he needs to follow through with something but can’t tolerate killing his solitary sibling after as of late finding him once more. In spite of his and Mi Ho’s consolidated endeavors to save him, eventually, Johan must choose the option to kill his sibling. 슬롯 하는법

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In light of Youn In-wan’s story with representations by Yang, Island previously debuted in 1997 preceding going through a reboot in 2016. The webcomic got a show transformation with Kim Nam Gil featuring as the interminably sincerely tortured undying being Van, Lee Da Hee as the third-age chaebol Lee Mi Ho who winds up designated by devils at Jeju Island though no one can easily explain why, ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo as the youthful and hip cleric Johan (John) and Sung Joon as Van’s previous accomplice Goong Tan. The initial six episodes of Island Section 1 circulated on Dec. 30 on Amazon Prime Video.

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