China sees unfamiliar dangers ‘wherever’ as strong covert operative office becomes the overwhelming focus

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In a smooth video denoting the Public safety Training Day, China’s top covert operative organization has a harsh directive for Chinese individuals: unfamiliar government operatives are all over the place.신규사이트

As foreboding music plays, a wide confronted, beady-looked at man masks himself as a road design picture taker, a lab professional, a financial specialist and a food conveyance driver – he even sets up a web-based honey snare – to gather delicate state mysteries in different spots and ventures.

“In the ocean of individuals, you might have never seen him. His character is variable and his location are elusive,” a storyteller says. “They are all over, shrewd… and tricky, and they might be here in our lives.”바카라 규칙

In the end, Chinese police get the covert operative in an emotional trap after state security specialists get various clues from people in general.

“They can camouflage as anybody. Yet, among the groups you and I together are safeguarding public safety,” the storyteller finishes up. “We 1.4 billion individuals are 1.4 billion lines of guard.”온라인슬롯

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