Don Lee Returns For Korean Action Sequel ‘The Roundup: No Way Out’

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South Korea’s greatest blockbuster of 2022, The Roundup, is as of now seeking the spin-off treatment. A new, third movie in the series, The Roundup: No Way Out, rejoining chief Lee Sang-yong and Ma Dong-seok (otherwise known as Don Lee), formally started creation toward the end of last week, the continuation’s deal specialist K-Movie Entertainment tells The Hollywood Reporter. 바카라사이트

The new undertaking proceeds with the dirty activity experiences of Lee’s expanded investigator Ma Seok-do after he has joined the Regional Investigation Unit to confront another wrongdoing trick. Korean driving man Lee Joon-hyuk (Along with the Gods) joins the establishment to play the new film’s lowlife, Lee Jun-hyuk, while Japanese entertainer Aoki Munetaka will co-star as a yakuza character named Riki. 슬롯사이트

The Roundup establishment started with the 2017 film The Outlaws, which presented Lee’s harsh investigator Ma Suk-Do as he fought to keep up with command over Seoul’s Chinatown area in the midst of furious fights between rival packs. The film was generally welcomed by the two pundits and type fans, procuring $53 million. 안전놀이터

The continuation, The Roundup, was coordinated by Lee Sang-yong and made the move to Vietnam, where Don Lee’s investigator deserts to remove a suspect however rather gets caught chasing a chronic ruffian and killer. Delivered in May, the film has become South Korea’s greatest business hit of 2022, procuring more than $100 million and setting another high-water mark for the nation’s post-pandemic dramatic film industry (Top Gun: Maverick is in a far off second spot in the country’s yearly rankings, with $52 million). 슬롯게임

Extra affirmed cast for The Roundup: No Way Out incorporate Lee Beom-su (Operation Chromite, The Beauty Inside), playing the Regional Investigation Unit’s monitor Jang Tae-soo, and Kim Min-jae (Peninsula, The Battleship Island) as Ma Seok-do’s righthand man. Entertainers Jun Suk-ho (Miss and Mrs. Cops, Kingdom) and Ko Kyu-phil (The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey, Crash Landing on You) have likewise endorsed on to the task to play a couple of far-fetched partners to Ma Seok-do.

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