‘Everything is consuming’: Fights rage outside Kharkiv as Ukraine attempts to keep down Russian development

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There are a few towns that Ukraine can simply never stand to lose, and Lyptsi is one of them.

Yet, the hold the country keeps is dubious: The roads are ablaze from an airstrike minutes sooner when we race in, under the front of obscurity. Night manages the cost of them the main break from drone attack; the prior hours we show up have seen the town hit multiple times.

However the fighters of the thirteenth Khartiia Public Watchman need to persevere, as the stakes here are tremendous. Russia’s persistent surge has a key objective: On the off chance that they take Lyptsi, they can situate ordnance close enough to Ukraine’s subsequent city, Kharkiv, 20 minutes not too far off.신규사이트

Down in a shelter, Oleksandr, a leader, takes a gander at one of his many robot takes care of. “You saw yourself how everything is consuming. It resembles that consistently.”바카라

His men were among quick to handle Russia’s new development into Kharkiv district almost fourteen days prior. He says they are battling prepared proficient fighters.안전공원

“We can see it from their gear and strategies,” he says. “They’re not sending only anybody into the attacks.”

His gaze protracts when gotten some information about what strongholds were set up before the unexpected Russian assault. “Nothing was ready here. Nothing. Simply nothing. Every one of the positions are being worked by the hands of infantry.”

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