Have your eyes looked at to keep your mind sound, study says

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Ehrlich and his coauthors took a gander at information from the 2021 Public Wellbeing and Maturing Patterns Concentrate in the US and included almost 3,000 individuals.

The NHATS questioners gave people in the 2021 review tablet gadgets with tests for close and distance vision as well as differentiation responsiveness, he said.바카라 규칙

“We did all the exploration to ensure that as a matter of fact. The iPad tests are identical to (the) best quality level test in the specialist’s office. We executed this in the homes of thousands of more seasoned grown-ups,” said Ehrlich. It is an associate teacher of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the College of Michigan in Ann Arbor.안전공원

“Maturing is difficult, however vision is something we have a great deal of supports for,” Silverman said. “On the off chance that your vision can’t be remedied, look for a reference to a dream recovery specialist for procedures to work with the vision you do have, and non-visual strategies to keep participated in all parts of your life.”슬롯게임

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