‘Hostile to American’ Chinese savant faces reaction for going to Freedom Day party at US Government office in Beijing

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A Chinese patriot savant known for his fiery analysis of the US has drawn in mock web-based after he was shown going to a party observing Freedom Day at the US consulate in Beijing – and evidently living it up while there.슬롯머신

Sima Nan, a 67-year-old blogger, rode the rush of rising patriotism in China. It becomes one of the country’s most persuasive web-based observers, hoarding in excess of 40 million supporters across different Chinese online entertainment stages.

His rankling assaults against Washington have procured him a standing as an “hostile to American contender”. He has faulted the US and NATO for inciting Russia’s conflict on Ukraine. Denounced American help for Taiwan and ridiculed the US government for neglecting to control weapon savagery and the Covid.안전놀이터

A so called loyalist, Sima has likewise designated his fury at Chinese scholarly people, business visionaries and specialists who he has blamed for “selling out” China and “conspiring” with the West.

Presently, the blogger is confronting allegations of fraud. After he shared his experience going to the Autonomy Day festivity facilitated by the US consulate on Tuesday, which highlighted American style food – including burgers and pizza – and unrecorded music.슬롯사이트

“Astonished! American minister Nicolas Consumes welcomed me to supper,” shouted the title of an article Sima posted Wednesday.

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