Jennifer Aniston says a ‘entire age’ now finds ‘Companions’ hostile

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Jennifer Aniston is purportedly considering “Companions” presently feeling in conflict with the times. The entertainer was advancing her new Netflix film “Murder Secret 2,” costarring Adam Sandler, when the point came up. 슬롯

“Satire has advanced, motion pictures have developed,” Aniston told AFP in Paris, where the film is set. “Presently it’s somewhat interesting on the grounds that you must be extremely cautious, which makes it truly hard for entertainers, in light of the fact that the excellence of satire is that we ridicule ourselves, ridicule life,” Aniston said. 슬롯머신

She likewise addressed how much the way of life has changed since “Companions” appeared in 1994. 슬롯 하는법

“There’s an entire age of individuals, kids, who are presently returning to episodes of ‘Companions’ and think that they are hostile,” Aniston said. “There were things that were rarely deliberate and others… all things considered, we ought to have thoroughly considered it – yet I don’t think there was a responsiveness like there is presently.”

The show’s absence of variety has for some time been an intriguing issue. Series co-maker Marta Kauffman communicated regret about it the year before.

“Conceding and tolerating culpability is difficult,” Kaufman told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s agonizing checking out at yourself in the mirror. I’m humiliated that I didn’t know better a long time back.”

CNN has connected with delegates for Aniston for extra remark.

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