Korean Actor Song Joong-ki Fulfills The ‘hankering’ Of A 6-month Pregnant Indonesian Actress

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Tune Joong-ki made fan Felicya Angelista genuinely content with his good thought. Photograph: Netflix, Felicya Angelista/Instagram

Entertainer Song Joong-ki is known to be a pleasant person in the Korean media outlet. 온라인카지노

His neighbors experienced his liberality when he fixed a development issue close to his home by forfeiting his own property.

Some other time he recorded a 49-second video cut when the individual responsible for a Korean celebration contacted him to request his assistance to advance the celebration. 안전놀이터

Furthermore, presently, the Vincenzo star had done it again when he made time from his bustling timetable to satisfy the ‘hankering’ of a pregnant fan.

Indonesian entertainer Felicya Angelista had told her better half – Indonesian entertainer Caesar Hito – that her pregnancy ‘hankering’ is to get a video call from Song. 신규사이트

Hito – who got hitched to Felicya in January this year – got it done. 메이저사이트

As per an Indonesian news gateway, Hito had called a companion in South Korea to set everything up just to figure out later that Felicya was really playing a trick on him.

In any case, Felicya was energized when Song really turned up for the video call that she was speechless quickly.

She composed via online entertainment: “I actually can barely handle it. Much thanks to you Hito and his companion Raymond, for making my little glimpse of heaven.”

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