Kylie Jenner fans left ‘shocked’ by latest Bratz collaboration due to baffling packaging

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One person wrote: “This is the absolute worst picture she could’ve used. It all just looks so low budget and cheap.” 안전공원

While another similarly said: “Why does it look so cheap?”

A third commented: “I thought it was a joke or fake at first [because] of how bad that photo is.” They also said in their response: “Kylie is so pretty and they couldn’t take a better photo?” 온라인슬롯

Other fans went as far to say that the product looks “bootleg”. With one social media user commenting: “Why did they use that picture of Kylie???

“It looks like a really bad knock off product […] I’m honestly shocked.” 슬롯게임

According to the Mirror, it has been suggested that the product in the photos is just a prototype and that there will be a change in the product design in later batches.

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