Legacy: When Park Bo Gum Talked About What He Learned From His ‘Search engine optimization Seo Bok’ Co-star Gong Yoo

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In 2021, entertainers Park Bo Gum and Gong Yoo featured in a science fiction activity film, Helmed by chief Lee Yong Ju, the film saw Gong Yoo as a previous knowledge specialist Gi Heon, who engages with the main human clone who has the key to timeless life, the lead protagonist ‘Search engine optimization Bok’, played by Park Bo Gum. 신규사이트

During a meeting with Vogue Korea in 2020, preceding the film’s delivery, Park Bo Gum discussed the film, and gave some understanding into what went into playing humanity’s most memorable human clone, Seo Bok. The entertainer shared, “a film permits us to ponder the pride of humankind, and it conveys the message that people shouldn’t turn out to be unnecessarily aggressive.” He likewise discussed his personality, sharing that it was a piece challenging to act with subtleties, as the person doesn’t have huge close to home changes. 메이저사이트

This is where Park Bo Gum discussed what he realized while on set with Gong Yoo! The entertainer shared, “I observed that Gong Yoo is truly adept at drenching himself at the time.” Upon asking Gong Yoo for counsel on the proper behavior furious, Gong Yoo shared that “in the event that you just unhesitatingly let out a holler, then, at that point, that feeling comes to you.” 메이저놀이터

Park Bo Gum proceeded, “Really, there are additionally times when an entertainer has a humiliated outlook on communicating some feeling since despite the fact that it’s essential to have had the person’s past feelings developed in advance, you can’t film everything all together like that. He [Gong Yoo] let me know that in occasions such as that, utilizing mind control is significant.” 바카라

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