Meg Ryan Uncovers Why She Had some time off From Hollywood — And Why She’s Back With Another Romantic comedy

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Presently — eight years after her last movie, her 2015 first time at the helm, Ithaca — Ryan is at last back on the big screen. She stars in, coordinated and cowrote the new romantic comedy What Happens Later, about ex-sweethearts snowed in together short-term at a territorial air terminal. (The film got a break arrangement from Droop AFTRA permitting exposure during the strike.)메이저놀이터안전공원

For a greater amount of Ryan’s selective meeting, get the current week’s issue of Individuals on newspaper kiosks Friday.

“It came to me during lockdown,” she says. “Its pith is these two individuals who are remained together. I simply love that thought that we’re held in a space. It is regardless of whether it feels clashed, perhaps because of reasons that recuperate them.”슬롯 하는법

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