Park Eun Bin Declares Official Group of followers Name And Tones

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On February 3, it was reported through Park Eun Bin’s true Twitter account that her authority being a fan name will be “BINGO” and that her being a fan tones are violet pink and light green yellow. 메이저놀이터

The name is a blend of Park Eun Container’s “Receptacle” and “go” and addresses individuals who will go along with Park Eun Bin’s out and about that she’ll stroll on. Park Eun Bin’s office Namoo Entertainers explained on the name, “It addresses ‘companions and accomplices’ who will cooperate with Park Eun Container to fill every bingo line as well as the individuals who will ‘go’ along with Park Eun Receptacle until the day the bingo is finished.” 바카라

With respect to energetic group of followers tones, the organization made sense of, “Violet pink, which has an exquisite and brilliant picture, and light green yellow, meet up to address Park Eun Bin’s vivid charms.” 바카라 하는법

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