‘Physical 100’ Makers Prevent Cases From getting Controlled Finishing

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Following the reports of Netflix’s famous South Korean unscripted television series, Actual 100 incorporated a manipulated finale and challenger debates, the makers of the show have emerged to discredit the cases. 슬롯

The Korea Times revealed that the show’s creation group as of late held a public interview to examine the issues of the show’s finale being controlled. The occurrence happened in the finale where Jung Hae-Min went head to head against Charm Jin-Yong in a rope-pulling challenge. Jung guaranteed that the finale rope-pulling challenge was rehashed multiple times because of breaks from Charm, who lifted his hand to stop the game. In any case, maker Jang Ho-Gi disproved Jung’s cases saying that Charm didn’t lift his hand to stop the game. He did anyway say that the creation group intruded on the test two times because of wellbeing worries with the rope-pulling machines. He said, “The primary interference was brought about by an uproarious clamor from the pulley. It made recording difficult to utilize. We were additionally stressed over the security of the players. When the two machines were greased up and checked, the game proceeded.” 잭팟

Jang likewise uncovered that the subsequent interference was because of “the ropes around Charm’s machine being tangled.” He likewise made sense of that at the hour of these occasions, he gave the two challengers the choice to restart the game on one more day, yet both “”settled on having the rematch that very day.” At the public interview, Jang supposedly apologized to the show’s competitors and watchers for the discussion, “Notwithstanding, we never endeavored to control the outcome or benefit a specific player.” He added, “I comprehend that the creation group ought to have informed watchers about the explanation the last match was halted two times. Nonetheless, our choice was also the matter since making sense of it would be troublesome.” Jung has not yet answered Jang’s protection. 룰렛

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