Previous Companions Entertainer Says Matthew Perry Shut Down Plot Including Chandler Undermining Monica

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“The One Where Chandler Cheated” — that is nearly the way in which one Companion’s episode went.

Entertainer Lisa Money, who showed up in the show’s season 5 episode “The One in Vegas: Section 1,” uncovered that she was initially a piece of a storyline where Matthew Perry’s personality Chandler Bing undermined Courteney Cox’s Monica Geller. In any case, the plotline was at last hacked out in light of the fact that Perry shouted out.안전놀이터

“Essentially, the scene was Chandler and Monica were contending in [Las] Vegas … Chandler goes up to the lodging, orders room administration and I bring it up as an inn laborer,” Money told TMZ. “Also, we wind up talking, chuckling and associating and Chandler winds up going behind Monica’s back with my personality.”메이저사이트

Cash said they had “practiced it and everything.” Except the day preceding they were planned to shoot before a live crowd, Perry requested to have the storyline changed.바카라 하는법

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