Previous Russian president says country “will be destroyed” assuming it loses war

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Previous Russian President and Delegate Seat of the Security Board of the Russian Organization Dmitry Medvedev said Russia will “vanish” assuming that it loses the conflict in Ukraine. 잭팟

“On the off chance that Russia stops the unique military activity without accomplishing triumph, Russia will vanish, it will be destroyed,” Medvedev said in a Wire post on Wednesday, involving the doublespeak for Russia’s attack of Ukraine. “On the off chance that the US quits providing weapons to the Kyiv system, the conflict will end.” 룰렛

Medvedev’s remarks follow US President Joe Biden’s discourse in Poland on Tuesday. 온라인슬롯

During his discourse, Biden said, “Assuming Russia quit attacking Ukraine, it would end the conflict. On the off chance that Ukraine quit protecting itself against Russia, it would mean the demise of Ukraine,” which Medvedev guaranteed was “a refined untruth.”

“For what reason does he speak to individuals of one more country when he is brimming with homegrown issues? With what dismay would it be a good idea for us to pay attention to a government official from an unfriendly express that radiates scorn for our Country? For what reason should the residents of Russia accept the head of the US, who released the most conflicts in the twentieth and 21st hundreds of years, yet censure us for forcefulness?” Medvedev said — rehashing claims that American authorities see as a whataboutism strategy — adding Biden’s point is “to guarantee that Russia experiences a “essential loss.”

Medvedev additionally remarked on Putin’s condition of the country address on Tuesday, specifically a declaration that Russia is suspending its support in the New Beginning atomic arms decrease arrangement.

He referred to it as “a past due and inescapable choice.”

“This is a choice that will have a tremendous reverberation on the planet overall and in the US specifically,” Medvedev added.

“All things considered, it is clear to all sensible powers that in the event that the US needs Russian loss, we are nearly a world clash,” he proceeded. “If the US has any desire to overcome Russia, then we reserve the privilege to guard ourselves with any weapon, including atomic.”

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