Shin Hyun-Soo Teaches Students To Fight Aliens In ‘Duty After School’

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The understudies at Seongjin Secondary School are participated in a continuous fight to work on their grades and get into the best universities. Then, at that point, outsiders attack and scholastic abilities become optional. The understudies should acquire genuine fight abilities to endure to the point of going to school. 슬롯

In the Korean show Obligation After School entertainer Shin Hyun-soo plays Lee Chun-ho. He’s a lieutenant and the detachment officer preparing understudies how to kill and not be killed. Given the serious results Chun-ho should stay firm with his troublesome frequently whiny volunteers. However he can’t resist the urge to really focus on them and lament the blamelessness they’ve lost. Chun-ho’s truthfulness toward his understudies was essential for the job’s allure for Shin. 잭팟

“I was drawn to Lee Chun-ho on the grounds that Chun-ho was the main grown-up that the secondary school third year understudies of the No. 2 Detachment depended on,” said Shin. “I needed to feel Chun-ho’s earnest heart toward the youngsters and the amount he needed to safeguard them. I was sure I could communicate him best and to this end I picked this task.” 룰렛

Toward the beginning of this show secretive outsider circles have been a presence overhead for over a year. At first they incited overall disorder and dread. Be that as it may, going after the spheres just brought about their increasing. Thus, individuals chose to live with their apprehension and the vulnerability. They figured out how to coincide with the drifting danger. Hello, regardless of whether the outsiders attack, says one understudy, we actually need to step through exams.

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