South Koreans grieve as country’s most memorable VIP panda, Fu Bao, heads to China

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Since her 2020 birth, Fu Bao has been one of South Korea’s greatest VIPs, with fans enthusiastically following each achievement of her life at Everland Resort’s Panda World, an amusement park in Yongin city.메이저사이트

However, the country’s most well known and cherished goliath panda is set to say goodbye to South Korea a last in April. It is with arrangements now in progress for her excursion to her new home in China.슬롯머신

During the last seven day stretch of Fu Bao’s public survey recently, guests supposedly persevered through stand by seasons of 5-6 hours just to get a brief look. It is at the big name bear for a simple five minutes. It is the recreation area limited review times to deal with the convergence of guests. It is as indicated by park authorities.안전놀이터

On Fu Bao’s last day of public survey on Walk 3, she got goodbye gifts. This includes a panda family doll created from bamboo, a bundle of roses and heart-molded slices of bread from her devoted guardians at Everland.

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