Taylor Swift has given venues a sugar rush. What they need is a consistent trickle of hits

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Looking at this logically, 2023 is turning out to be the year that blonde ladies rescued the film business, with Taylor Quick’s show film, “Taylor Quick: The Periods Visit,” giving a fix of adrenaline to the fall later “Barbie” helped offset a few high-profile flops throughout the mid year. 슬롯

While theater proprietors reserve each privilege to be excited seeing individuals fill seats. (or in any event, moving before them, per “Times” decorum). The highs related with those champions don’t give a sufficient lift to supplant what they truly need. Specifically, a consistent trickle of hits. So while the this fall reap is unquestionably welcome. It is with no guarantees so frequently evident, a Quick arrangement isn’t probably going to be a getting through one. 바카라

Advance deals for “The Times Visit” left little uncertainty that the occasion would be a significant achievement, leaving just the exact numbers in uncertainty. Gathering somewhere near $96 million in homegrown delivery, per theater chain AMC’s appraisals, its first three days in quite a while broke the general record for any show film. 메이저사이트

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