The Legitimate Beat: Woman Crazy Sued For Canine Burglary Prize – In addition to Adam Levine, Marilyn Manson and More

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This is The Legal Beat, a weekly newsletter about music law from Billboard Pro, offering you a one-stop cheat sheet of big new cases, important rulings and all the fun stuff in between. This week: Lady Gaga somehow finds herself on the receiving end of a lawsuit over the theft of her French bulldog, Adam Levine accuses a classic car dealer of selling him a fake Maserati, one of Marilyn Manson’s accusers recants her abuse allegations and much more. 온라인바카라

THE BIG STORY: Lady Gaga Sued Over Dog Theft Reward
A woman named Jennifer McBride says she deserves a huge reward for returning Lady Gaga’s bulldogs after they were stolen at gunpoint – even though she was also convicted of a criminal charge in connection with the high-profile dognapping. 바카라 규칙

In a lawsuit filed last week in Los Angeles, McBride demanded that Gaga hand over a $500,000 reward she had offered for the safe return of the dogs after the violent 2021 incident. It was McBride, after all, who had delivered the dogs to the Los Angeles Police Department two days after Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was shot and nearly killed. 메이저사이트

But there’s one small detail McBride’s lawyers left out of the complaint: In December, she pleaded no contest to receiving stolen property in connection with the dognapping and was sentenced to two years of probation. McBride’s lawyers say it doesn’t matter: Gaga made a binding “unilateral” offer to pay the reward in return for the safe return of the dogs with “no questions asked” — and McBride took her up on the proposal when she did so. Whether that argument will fly before a judge remains to be seen.

For a full breakdown of McBride’s case — including her full complaint and her arguments that she “fully performed her obligation” to Gaga — go read our entire story here.

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