This 56-year-old has taken China’s school selection test for quite some time – with no karma

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Liang Shi, 56, has by many estimates had an effective existence. He worked in different various ventures, at last started his own business, got hitched and had a child.슬롯 하는법

However, there’s one objective he hasn’t yet accomplished, however not so much for absence of endeavoring: getting a sufficient score on China’s school selection test to enter a top college.

Liang required the overwhelming two-day test, known as the “gaokao,” toward the beginning of June close by almost 13 million understudies cross country. It denoted his 27th time taking the gaokao, having been unsatisfied with his score each time since he originally sat the test quite a while back.메이저놀이터

Understudies’ test results are their main rules for school confirmation – and most up-and-comers just have a single chance, with the test happening one time each year.

Liang has been the exception, standing out as truly newsworthy for his constancy.온라인슬롯

However, it has so far neglected to pay off; subsequent to finishing the gaokao, he recorded a video on Douyin, China’s likeness TikTok, saying he was “not extremely fulfilled” with his exhibition.

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