twentieth Century Young lady: Kim Yoo Jung Needs To Pick either Her Fellowship And Love In Close to home Trailer

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The Netflix unique film ‘twentieth Century Young lady’ delivered the primary banner and trailer brimming with feelings on October sixth, invigorating assumptions. ‘twentieth Century Young lady’ is a first love perception sentiment that happens as a cupid of affection to satisfy the primary love of a 17 year old Yeondu and her dearest companion Bora, a memory of 1999 recorded on a tape that showed up one winter. 메이저놀이터

The delivered primary banner grabs the attention by catching the climate of youth that must be felt by a 17-year-old kid and young lady with a reviving and warm variety. The visual, as though investigating the characters through a viewfinder, portrays the young essences of entertainers Kim Yoo Jung, Byun Charm Seok, Park Jeong Charm, and Noh Yoon Website optimization, making the crowd anticipate the science they will show.

twentieth Century Young lady Banner; Picture Politeness: Netflix 바카라

The primary trailer, delivered together, draws consideration with the discourse between Kim Yeondu (Noh Yoon Website optimization), who is in pathetic love, and Na Bora (Kim Yoo Jung), who responds profoundly to her words. Na Bora’s assurance to figure out each move of her pathetic love Baek Hyun Jin (Park Jung Charm) to satisfy her most memorable love of Yeondu adds to the assumption for how she will act in the film. Bora centers around his closest companion ‘Poong Yoon Ho’ (Byeon Charm Seok) to figure out everything about Baek Hyun Jin. 바카라 하는법

Bora, who was gathering all data according to plan, including Baek Hyun Jin’s level, most loved exercise, and pager number,unexpectedly gets misconstrued between Poong Yoon Ho and Baek Hyun Jin. In the mean time, Bora, feeling that her own heart is pulsating like that of Yeondu, is overwhelmed in turbulent feelings, animating interest to perceive how the story will unfurl in the midst of the blended looks of youthful 17-year-old young men and young ladies. ‘twentieth Century Young lady’ is chief Bang Charm Ri’s most memorable element movie debut, who has been perceived for his sensitive coordinating abilities by clearing the short film grants at significant homegrown film celebrations. It will be delivered overall on October 21st, solely through Netflix. 바카라 규칙

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