Voyager 1 is sending information back to Earth without precedent for a very long time

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Without precedent for a very long time, NASA engineers have gotten understandable information from Explorer 1 subsequent to making a clever fix to fix a correspondence issue on board humankind’s most far off rocket in the universe.신규사이트

Voyager 1 is right now around 15 billion miles (24 billion kilometers) away. And at 46 years of age, the test has given various eccentricities and indications of maturing as of late.바카라 규칙

The most recent issue experienced by Explorer 1 originally sprung up in November 2023, when the flight information framework’s telemetry balance unit started sending a unintelligible rehashing example of code.바카라 규칙

Explorer 1’s flight information framework gathers data from the space apparatus’ science instruments and packages it with designing information that mirrors its ongoing wellbeing status. Mission control on Earth gets that information in paired code, or a progression of ones and zeroes.

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