Defiant Putin visits involved Mariupol, image of Ukrainian obstruction

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Vladimir Putin has made an unexpected visit to Russian-involved Mariupol, his most memorable visit to an area caught by his powers in the extended struggle. 슬롯

The visit was a clear demonstration of resistance, coming only days after the Worldwide Lawbreaker Court gave a capture warrant for him.

It likewise provoked shock from Ukraine – the safeguard service contrasted Putin with a “cheat” visiting “under the front of night” – with the city having been decreased to ruins in Russia’s hostile. 잭팟

Putin was flown into Mariupol by helicopter and visited locale around the city in a vehicle, film delivered by Russian specialists showed.

The Russian president is shown gathering apparently astonished occupants. Putin lets one know man “we really want to begin getting to know one another better.” 룰렛

The Kremlin demanded the visit was “unconstrained.” It isn’t clear when it occurred, albeit on Saturday Putin visited Crimea to stamp the 10th commemoration of its extension.

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